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The Way We Do Things


This document sets out our expectations of all our coaches, managers, players, parents and Management Committee of Phoenix Football Club. All members (players, managers, coaches, committee and parents for players under 18) will be required to sign-off on this document indicating that they have read, understood and accepted what is outlined when they first join the club and then again at the start of each season. No player will be permitted to play for Phoenix Football Club until they have done this.


There has been an increasing number of incidents reported over the past number of months where behaviours exhibited by some of our club members have been unacceptable and not in keeping with our club Code of Conduct as outlined in our Club Constitution. This document sets out the various club policies and guidelines which should be always followed when representing our club. It also sets out the manner in which breaches of club policy and guidelines will be handled.

It is a simple document which can be summarised in one word - “Respect”. Once we respect ourselves, each other, our opponents, our neighbours, referees and our facility then none of the following guidelines will be breached.

This document meets the recommended guidelines set down by the Football Association of Ireland, the Dublin and District Schoolboys League (DDSL).  It was reviewed and adopted by the Management Committee at our monthly Management Meeting in January 2019. Queries relating to any items should be addressed in writing or by email to the Club Secretary.

The document sets out information, policies and guidelines relating to the following:

  1. Club Policy.

  2. Club Code of Conduct.

  3. Child Welfare Policy.

  4. Club discipline and dealing with complaints.

  5. Club Governance.

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