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Club Discipline and Dealing with Complaints

Phoenix Football Club has Compliance and Disciplinary Committee that  deals with all identified or reported incidences of non-compliance with club policies. This committee consists of a sub-group from the Club Management Committee. The following are the key terms of reference for the operation of this group.

  • Phoenix FC encourages members to take a practical and pragmatic approach to dealing with any perceived breach of Club policies or difficulties or differences they have with any member of the club volunteer team. Provided the member is comfortable and unless such a breach is deemed to be of a serious nature, the member should try to deal with the breach on a one-to-one basis with the member or manager in the first instance.

  • If however the member is uncomfortable with such an approach then they are entitled, and encouraged, to bring their concern to a member of the Compliance and Disciplinary Committee. It is preferable that this complaint is made in writing.

  • The Compliance and Disciplinary Committee will deal with all reported or identified instances of non-compliance with club policies.

  • The committee will consist of a minimum of 2 members from the club Management Committee who will be elected by the Club Management Committee following the club AGM.

  • For coaches all reportable incidents should be reported to the Compliance and Disciplinary Committee asap after its occurrence.

  • The committee will deal with complaints as quickly as possible. Complainants can expect a formal response within 10 days of their complaint outlining next steps and a timeline to a full investigation of their complaint.

  • All league fines against club members will be paid by the offender – failure to pay a fine will result in suspension of that members privileges as outlined in Club Policy.

  • Complaints should be made in writing and addressed to the Club Compliance Officer.

  • The committee will review the complaint and decide if any action is needed.

  • If deemed necessary, the committee will interview all parties in order to develop a detailed understanding of the issue raised.

  • The committee will adjudicate on the complaint and advise all parties of their decision as speedily as possible.

  • The committee will also decide on the appropriate sanction should it be decided that policy in writing or spirit has been breached and will advise on any sanctions to be taken as speedily as possible. Sanctions are at the absolute discretion of the committee and can range from a verbal warning as to future conduct through to expulsion from the club.

  • Members will have two weeks in which to appeal any proposed sanction or decision of the committee. All appeals will be dealt with by the Club Chairperson and an independent person from the club membership who will also be appointed at the club AGM.

Please note that for Child Welfare issues these issues should be brought to the attention of the Child Welfare Officer and not the Compliance and Disciplinary Committee – see section 3. for further details.

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