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Club Policies

  1. Club Policy.

Our overarching club policy is to treat everyone with respect and to be mindful of safety and person welfare at all times and in all of our actions whilst representing our club. The following are a set of general club policies.

  • All of our club managers, coaches and committee members are Garda vetted or in the process of attaining same.

  • All of our club managers, coaches and committee members are familiar with club policies and guidelines and will implement these.

  • Phoenix FC will support the ongoing education of our coaches. All coaches will have a minimum standard as directed by the FAI.

  • Coaches will foster a fun, competitive and respectful atmosphere within their team and the club. Coaches’ coach – parents watch and enjoy.

  • Club members are not permitted to coach from the side line – encouragement only!

  • Club membership fees will be set by the club Management Committee every year – fee’s (including match-day expenses as agreed) must be paid in line with club policy or players will not be permitted to use our facilities.

  • All parents of children under 18 must provide a contact number.

  • Children under the age of 18 should never be left unattended at games or at training without the permission of the team manager.

  • Managers must ensure that all players under 18 are collected after games/training. Managers should not leave such players unaccompanied after training or a match.

  • Where a child is reported as missing then this must be reported to the Gardai by the manager or coach immediately.

  • Players or spectators must not abuse other players on their team or from other clubs from the side-line or use of social media platforms.

  • Adults are encouraged not to be connected to players through social media platforms.

  • Players must play at their appropriate age group.There may be exceptions to this from time to time and the Management Committee will deal with these if they arise.

  • Players will play at the best standard they can, and coaches will support the promotion of players to “first” teams where a player is capable of operating at a higher level.

  • Players are expected to attend all training sessions. If players are unable to attend training, then the manager should be informed as early as possible before the agreed training slot.

  • Teams will be allocated training and pitch time on a fair and equitable basis – there will be no favouritism for teams due to their playing at a higher level.

  • The club Head Coach will agree the training pitch allocations at the start of the season, and this will only be revised upon agreement of all parties involved in any proposed change.

  • Any proposed recording or photography of games must be agreed in advance with the team managers.

  • Adults are not permitted to be in any 1-2-1 situations with players under the age of 18.

  • There will be no sharing of shower facilities between adults and players.

  • For away trips involving overnight stays the following additional guidelines will apply:

    • Written parental approval (for players up to 18 years old).

    • Formal written approval from theClub Management Committee, The SFAI and the DDSL.

    • No sharing of rooms by adults and kids unless father/son or daughter; mother/son or daughter.

  • The club will operate a formal Complaints and Disciplinary Committee who will handle all complaints received in relation to the above matters. See the Club Code of Conduct below.

  • Dogs are not permitted in Scribblestown.

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