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Club Parents Code of Conduct

We at Phoenix FC would like to welcome you and your son/daughter to the club and we hope you have an enjoyable and happy experience while playing at the club. We would ask all parents to always commit to the following guidelines whether at training sessions, games (home/away) or any other activity organised by the club to ensure it is a positive experience for everyone.

Therefore, I agree that:

  • I will not compel my child to play football.

  • I will encourage my child always to play by the rules of the game.

  • I will not place emphasis on winning at all costs.

  • I will have realistic expectations for my child and will not put him/her under undue pressure.

  • I will ensure that my child arrives for activities on time and will notify the coach of any changes.

  • If I cannot collect my child, I will have proper arrangements in place and I will notify the coach.

  • I will never ridicule, humiliate or use profane language when attending club activities.

  • I will respect the decisions of the club coaches and leave coaching to the coaches.

  • I will not publicly question the referee’s judgement and never their honesty.

  • I will ensure that my child does not engage in any behaviour which runs contrary to the “Players Code of Conduct”.

  • I will fully adhere to the clubs Social Media Policy. I will refrain from posting any non-club related comments. Under no circumstances should jokes, comments, pictures or videos that could be reasonably construed as offensive be posted.

I and my child will be governed by the rules and procedures of Phoenix Football Club.

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